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Waterproof and Breathable

We specialize in building and supplying high performance waterproof breathable fabrics that utilise the latest coating and membrane technology. Our fabrics have a high level of water resistance and moisture permeability that enable the wearer to be comfortable in any conditions. Whether it is for fashion or alpine adventures, we are confident we have the solution you need.


Strong and Durable

We supply ultra strong and durable fabrics that use some of the most advanced fibre technology available. Fibres such as Cordura, Dyneema, Kevlar and high tenacity nylons blended to make fabrics with high tear strength and abrasion resistance. These are ideal for workwear and protective garments.


Our wide range includes virgin and recycled nylon and polyester down proof fabrics in a variety of weights and different weaves. Pertex is our main source which are known internationally as being a leading supplier of lightweight downproof fabrics. These can be used for down or synthetic fill garments or sleeping bags.


When weather is no longer an issue, you can embrace every moment and focus on your experience, not the elements. The passion at PrimaLoft, Inc. is creating the comfort solutions that make this possible – day or night, at play or at rest, in any climate and any condition. We offer the full range of products from this innovative company.

Seam Tape

Our high quality seam tape range includes options for 2, 2.5, 3 layer fabrics and neoprene wetsuits. The tape is sourced from Taiwan and Japan and stock is available from our Auckland warehouse for delivery to New Zealand and Australia.